Lamiaceae Garden

This garden is devoted to the Australian members of the Lamiaceae family, a large and world-wide family which contains many of the traditional culinary herbs, such as Melissa (lemon balm), Mentha (mint), Lavandula (lavender), Origanum (oregano and majoram), Rosmarinus (rosemary), Salvia (sage) and Thyme (thyme) from southern Europe. In Australia there are about 250 species in 38 genera, most of which are endemic, and central New South Wales, including the western part of the Hunter Region, has a high species diversity, particularly in the Prostanthera genus.

The plants are mostly small to medium size woody shrubs with some small herbs and low trees, and most have aromatic oils in their leaves. Well known genera include Ajuga, Hemigenia, Mentha, Plectranthus, Prostanthera and Westringia.

The collections in this Garden are predominantly Prostanthera species mainly from the Hunter Region with a few Plectanthus and Westringia species. Flowering is very heavy in early to mid-Spring, commonly in shades of mauve and blue, but white, pink, red occasionally green colours are also found.